The Hamburgh Club

Club Rules

A.  The club shall be called “The Hamburgh Club”.

Its objectives:- 

     1. To encourage the breeding of Hamburghs and to assist breeders in every way possible. 

     2. To promote a clear understanding among breeders, exhibitors and judges as to the Standard. 

     3. To preserve the utility characteristics of the breed. 

     4. To ensure and promote classes at shows for both Large and Bantam Hamburghs. 

B.  The executive officers of the club shall consist of a President, Chairman and a Secretary/Treasurer (Combined role). 

     1. The executive officers shall be appointed for a term of one year and upon their retirement shall be eligible for re-election. 

     2. The method of election - The positions of President, Chairman and Secretary/Treasurer upon their retirement be proposed and            seconded by a full member and shall be then duly elected as such with the Secretary/Treasurer as a combined role.  The                        Chairman’s vote shall be cast only in the event of a tie vote, and shall alone have the casting vote. 

     3. In the event of a group of persons joining under one or two names etc. one vote only shall be allowed per subscription. 

C,  Members at the AGM shall determine the Annual subscription.  Any member whose subscription is not paid by 1st January the     

     following year will be removed from the list of members and forfeit their rights to any specials.  A new member shall be eligible for

     all club benefits from the time of paying their subscription. 

D.  The club will hold its General meeting at the club show. 

     1. The AGM shall not be held unless a Quorum is met.  A Quorum shall consist of no less than Eight Full members. 

     2. Membership to be informed as to the date of the AGM by the Secretary/Treasurer, at which the Club financial accounts will be


E.  All members shall share in the management of the club, any suggestions or proposals must be sent in writing to the

     Secretary/Treasurer at least 28 days prior to the meeting for inclusion in the General Meeting agenda. 

F.  A Novice is a person who has never won a first prize at a club show.  No one gaining a first prize in a Novice class at a club show

    shall be allowed to compete again as a Novice. 

G. In all cases of fraudulent practice or contravention of the rules that come before the members at the AGM If proved shall be

     subject to a definite period of suspension that will be stated at the time.  The membership has the power to suspend or expel any

     member guilty of misconduct detrimental to the best interests of the club. 

H. Wherever a Club show or Regional show is held, the Secretary shall notify the secretary of the said show of all suspended persons,

     informing them that the said person is not entitled to any club specials. 

I.   Wherever a Club show or Regional show is held, the Secretary shall notify the secretary of the said show of all suspended persons,

     informing them that the said person is not entitled to exhibit. 

J.   A person or persons eligible to be a Club Judge must be a member of the club.  Judges can only be proposed at the AGM and

     nominated in a postal ballot.

K.  A Club show judge and National show judge shall not be eligible to judge again in a 3 year period. 

L.  In all cases, which are not provided for in the above Rules, the decision of the three officers shall be final subject to confirmation

     at the AGM. 

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