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The Hamburgh Club


Update for 2023:
Bird flu is still around and causing the shows to be cancelled.  Last year in 2022 there wasn't a poultry show that went ahead.  The majority of shows were turned into egg shows if possible.  They have been good to meet people but haven't had the same effect as when you get hundreds of poultry in the same room; the sound is just amazing.  Hopefully this year will bring about a change and we can start to look forward to the poultry shows once again.  Fingers crossed.
The year 2020-2022
What a few years we have had due to Covid 19 but also Bird Flu.  We were hoping that the shows would all start again in 2021 after the pandemic lockdown but that didn't occur because of Bird Flu.
Now that we are getting back to some normality with the pandemic we are still endangered by the Bird flu every year and this year seems to have been worse than ever.  With this in mind the Poultry committees at the shows have had to rethink their plans and many have moved their dates to during the Summer where they feel they are more likely to be able to put on a show.  
Here we have all the dates for your diary, phone, filofax, back of your hand or scrap of paper on the fridge door:

I have been the Secretary of the Hamburgh club since 2000 when it had 46 members, we now have a substantial 90+ and are going on from strength to strength. We have one club show and 9 regional shows all over the United Kingdom.  Please check through the following shows to see if you have a local show near to you that is a regional for the Hamburgh club.  If you could attend it would be good to showcase our breed.  As you can see the back end of the year; September and October are going to be very busy months.  Lets hope we all get a few shows to go to before the winter closes us down again.


  • Poole in Cornwall - this was also a regional show but we have been informed that they have amalgamated all their shows in Cornwall and are just having one show which is held in October. See October for more information.

February :

  • ​Peebles show is a Regional show and is usually held at the end of February, I don't know if they have changed their dates. Peebles is a lovely place to see and the show is held in the heart of the town centre. This is a winter show but they also hold an Agricultural show in August – we don’t have a regional show at the summer one but there is a good classification for Hamburghs.


  • Reading Bantam show held at Newbury is usually the last full weekend of February. This is also a regional show and they have a lot of different breed clubs showing. It is held in a Leisure centre in the town and is a very good venue.  They have great facilities. Come along and see us all there. Information about the show will be uploaded here as I have it.

  • Ayr Agricultural will be the first of the Agricultural shows and this is now a regional show. Ben Walsh is the secretary and it is usually held early on in May.Please try and get there it is worth the trip.  I haven't got a date yet but is held at Ayr Racecourse, Ayr.


  • National Federation of Poultry clubs;  This show was usually held in December just before Xmas but since the bird flu has changed everything the committee had to go with the only date they could have and it was to be in September; the date for this year will be  16 & 17 September 2023 if it goes ahead.  It is held at Bingley Hall County showground in Stafford ST18 0BD.  This is a club show for us, so lets hope it is a good weekend for all you exhibitors and that we have a bumper entry of Hamburghs.    It is a wonderful show and usually gets around 7,000+ entries, with Poultry, waterfowl, cavies, and pigeons.   Definitely one to go to if not just for all the trade stands but the different breeds and small livestock on show.  It all adds to the interests of the show so come along and join us at the Hamburgh stand during the week end.  On the Sunday we will be presenting the trophies won at the show and you will be greeted with refreshments.    We will also be holding a raffle to help the club funds please call and help us celebrate the Hamburgh Breed.


  • Cornwall show is an amalgamation of all shows in that area and they are only having the one show on and the date to be confirmed this year.  They are not holding a regional show for Hamburghs this time but please try to make it a good exhibition of Hamburghs and give the locals some competition.  

  • The Northern Poultry show - this is a regional and will be held when date is confirmed at the Deighton Centre, Deighton Road, Huddersfield, HD2 1JP.  Please try to give them your support.

  • Poultry Club of Great Britain show will be held in Telford, Shropshire - We hold a regional show here, Usually in December but like all the others has had to rethink their plans and have managed to get it for October but date to be confirmed. This is one of the biggest shows of just Poultry and Waterfowl and lasts for two days. One to go and see even if you do not have any birds.   Please try and make it to the show and boost the Hamburgh section as it has been dwindling over a few years. 

  • The Scottish National - We hold a regional show here, a fantastic show thanks to all the committee members who pull out the stops every year to go one better. We usually get around a hundred entries – Large and Bantams. This is a great show the people are very friendly and helpful and we have a really good week-end. Usually held the last full week-end of January but this also has had to change and am afraid went to October but date is yet to be confirmed. The venue is excellent good food, warm and plenty to do so lets hope we can still have a good entry.

  • Hants and Berks Poultry Fanciers.  Championship Show -  This is another regional for us and is held at: Testbourne School, Micheldever Road, Whitchurch, Hants RG28 7JF  it is a winter show and needs more support from the Hamburghs so if you can make it please do so to give more competition to the locals. This is usually held on the last Sunday in October.   I will give you the date when I have it.

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