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The Hamburgh Club

The Hamburgh Club ranks amongst the Premier Breed Clubs in whatever way one may judge them. Membership (over 100) Finance (very sound financially) and enthusiastic members spread throughout the United Kingdom and most importantly supported by a hard working and dedicated secretary.

The present club was formed in the mid 60's by the merger of the old non-active Hamburgh Club which had previously catered for Large fowl and the then current and popular Hamburgh Bantam Club.

Following the merger progress soared - Large fowl were re-introduced and before long every colour of Bantams were on view - something which has continued to this present day.

Regional club shows are held in every part of the UK and the Hamburgh Club was probably the first club to organise a show in Scotland, by an English based club, which was held at Lennoxtown Nr Glasgow for the Club's Scottish Members in the early/mid sixties.

Interestingly the word consistency must account for some of the Club's success over the years. In the last 50 years of solid progress the club has had only 4 presidents and 6 secretaries.

A Happy Club - One with opportunities for everyone and, certainly one in the PREMIER LEAGUE!

D Kay - President up to December 2018

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