The Hamburgh Club


Terry Maynard doing workshop at National

Here is the workshop that went ahead at the National show 2019.

Grateful thanks to 

Terry Maynard our President who took some exhibitors through the Silver Spangled Hamburghs whilst Keith May our Chairman took them through the Pencilled variety. 

As there are no shows at the moment but virtual shows we have entered the NSW of Australia photo show.  We did very well indeed we entered quite a few bantams and got:

Best Black bantam with a Male (left hand picture)

Best Bantam Silver Spangled with a male and it also went on to get Reserve Best Bantam.  (Right hand picture)

There were 244 entries all Hamburghs as it was a Hamburgh club show in Australia. Below you will see the picture sent but we had to send three of the same bird; 1. side view,   2.  front view and  3.  just of its head 

Best Black  bantam Male 





During the pandemic of 2020 the Virtual photo show page was set up on facebook and a show was held once a month throughout the year with various special shows held as well.  The culmination of the year was a huge collection of Breed clubs holding their club shows and coming together for one big championship row, with Champion breeds and best opposite sizes as are held at the two main shows of the PCGB at Telford and the Federation at Stafford.  It was held on 19th December 2020,  the weekend that the Stafford show would have been held and gave a lot of exhibitors something to look forward to.  Christine collated all the photos together in each class and sent the winners to Mark Ryumbeke who added them to champions row.  The two winners photos along with Champion Juvenile all went on to champions row and out of all the breeds on there the Champion Hamburgh went on to get Best Large Soft Feather Light

The winners were:

Champion Hamburgh -  HH1- Simon Patel

Best Opposite size - HH5 - Dave Dart

Champion Juvenile - HH9 - Jnr J W Solomon

The following pictures are the three main winners and you will find all the classes if you click on the Virtual Poultry Photo show 2020 page.  These pictures are not in any order of awards.

Congratulations to all exhibitors especially the winners and a huge thank you to Ian Lammie for judging the show for us.  We will be putting all the results in the Spring Newsletter 2021 and his report for all the members to see.

HH1 - 2 - SP.jpg

Champion Hamburgh owned by Simon Patel and went on to get Champion Soft Feather Light Breed 

HH5 - 2 - DD.jpg

Best Opposite Size Hamburgh owned by Dave Dart

HH9 - 2 - JWS.jpg

Champion Juvenile owned by

Jnr J W Solomon