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The Hamburgh Club

Terry Maynard
Club Chairman
Keith May
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Club Secretary
Peter Harrison
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It is a great honour to be made President of our Club and to try and follow in David's footsteps, who no doubt saved the club and many of the trophies.  I have kept Silver Spangled Bantams from the age of 12.  At the age of 13 I came second at the Dairy Show where David was the Judge.  I now keep Large Silver Spangled with my apprentice Robin.  It might be a good idea if the older members did the same and took on a young person to boost the membership.


My other Hobby is Steam engines, we have 2 Burrells, 1 Showmans and 1 Road Loco which we take all around England and Europe with Val my wife who cleans all the Brass.


Let us all work together, share our knowledge and keep our most beautiful birds at the top.

Terry Maynard

My involvement with Hamburghs goes back to 1967 when my Grandfather gave me a quartet of  Gold Pencilled bantams. I have kept them along with other colours ever since. I now have the honour of being Club Chairman. It would appear that Hamburghs were first shown in the north of England early in the 19th century,  in the local pubs. By the 1850’s poultry shows were appearing throughout the country and Hamburghs were very popular, they were the breed that everyone aspired to because of their grace and elegance in the show pen. The club show in 1894 at Liverpool had a record entry of over 300 entries. Membership was over 150 the following year, so competition was very keen.  All clubs have peaks and troughs and ours was no exception, but the merger in the 1960’s to form our present club was the catalyst needed to transform the club. With David Kay as secretary the club went from strength to strength, and has taken us to where we are today. We are now seeing Hamburghs back where they belong, winning the major honours, not just at the local shows but at all the national shows as well. We need to continue our progress, which means encouraging more members to show and increase the competition. Fashions come and go but the Hamburgh has proved we will outlast and beat them all.  

Keith May

I have been secretary since December 2001 and over the years have been to shows from Scotland down to Cornwall.  I have recently travelled to Australia where I was invited to the Royal Adelaide show meal to give a talk on poultry in the UK.  We were very impressed with the show and the hospitality shown to us whilst we were there.  We donated a rosette for the Champion Hamburghs large and bantam but as the birds have to stay for 9 days we didn't get to see the winners and have a chat with them.  The standards in other countries are very similar to those in the United Kingdom but with a few differencies.  

Although I am a Lancashire lad I run a number of shows in Yorkshire;  Great Yorkshire and Countryside Live in Harrogate, Todmorden show which is my local one and recently The Northern Poultry society.  I also am Vice Chairman of the National Federation of Poultry clubs which is held late on in the year in December the final show of the year.   

Peter Harrison 

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